Life has given me so much to be grateful for, and I am passionate about paying it forward. My love for photography, people, and animals has taken me around the world to witness intense beauty, heartfelt emotions, and sometimes heart-wrenching challenges. From photographing animals at risk, to donating photo session proceeds to the organizations that I believe in, giving back gives me an opportunity to express my gratitude and make a difference in the world around me.

As a dedicated animal advocate I am a proud board member and the official volunteer photographer for CANDi International, a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to offer free spay and neuter clinics in Mexico and the Caribbean. I shoot numerous local photo sessions to benefit this group, and I travel frequently to photograph their clinics and the street dogs they rescue. I am also an enthusiastic volunteer for Photographer Without Borders. Lending support to their organization I photographed the Senda Verde Animal Refuge in Yungas, Bolivia which houses over 400 rescued animals from Capuchin monkeys to crocodiles and works to stop the illegal poaching and trafficking of animals of all kinds. Working with CANDi International and Photographers Without Borders has changed my life, deeply touched my heart, and taught me about the power of giving, compassion, and taking action for a cause.


To celebrate the people who inspire me and to help my community, I am always documenting the beauty in the world around me through personal photography projects. Currently I am working on a series called “Married 40 Years or More” capturing elderly couples and their secrets to their long, happy marriages.

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