Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photography with dogs and horses

Jasmin & Harley's engagement session with horses Pleskal & Pharaoh, and Zoey the puppy! 

Saratoga Springs, NY


Equestrian fashion photo shoot Saratoga Springs NY

Equestrian fashion photo shoot- Saratoga Springs, NY

Most handsome horse in  all the land- Moose Buyce ;-)

Dresses- Sigashop

Model- Ciaratoga

ModelFifty Two Thursdays



Wedding Dress Inspiration with horses!

Dresses- Lily of Saratoga

Florals-Samantha Nass Floral Design

Hair- Hair Creations

Make-up- Blush 518

Big thank you to Patti, Steele the horse, and models Cailin and Alana


horse photography saratoga ny

Cowboy Luke and his mini horse, Hollywood!

Saratoga Springs, NY Photography


Horse Photography - Saratoga Springs, NY



As I wash his mane and scratch his withers, Moose turns his head to me.  He gently wiggles his lips back and forth through my hair and begins to groom me back.  A gesture of love that fills my heart with joy and relief that he didn't bite me, ha ha!  Moose is my warm hearted, docile, goofy, and sometimes stoic, Morgan horse.  Every time I photograph Moose, I learn more about how he communicates and sees the world around him.  Moose always brings me to a better place.  Love you buddy!

Adorable foals Tracey Buyce Horse Photography


Sarde Morgans Horse Farm for The Morgan Horse magazine

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Ledyard Morgan Horse Farm Photography by Tracey Buyce Photography


Ledyard Morgan Horse Farm for The Morgan Horse.  

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morgan mares and foal horse photography


East Of Equinox Morgans equine photography for The Morgan Horse magazine!

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UVM Morgan Horses and foals Vermont


UVM Morgan Horse Farm- a photo essay for The Morgan Horse magazine on Morgan mares & foals.

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Equestrian Photography Saratoga Springs, NY - Liz & Her Horses! Hagaman, NY


“When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, 
the question of where you want to be has been answered.”~ Author Unknown

Equestrian Photography Saratoga Springs, NY

Equine Photography Saratoga Springs, NY - 3 Generations of Equestrians with their Fell Ponies and Quarter Horses - Saratoga Springs, NY